If you have reached this section it is probably because you are interested in we send you our product and, precisely for this reason, for the confidence deposited in us, and because we like to do things well, we will explain to you briefly what steps you should follow so that you only have to worry about enjoy your order at home in a few days:

1- SIGN UP ON OUR WEBSITE. We don't need a lot of data, but the minimum to ensure that the order arrives to the right place. Of course, all your data is safe with us and are fully private. Not only do we like to take care of the health of our customers, but also of your safety whenever you are in our hands.

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Aromas of tea is a registered brand name of Aromas of Tea, S. L. U. :

Registered in the trade register of Toledo, Volume: 1620 Book:0 Section: 8 Sheet TO 38216 C. I. F.: B45853447