Who we are?

Aromas of Tea is the love of a family turned into profession. We are lovers of natural products and quality, especially of teas and infusions and so it was as they emerged from our company in the year 2010.

With physical headquarters in Sonseca (Toledo), in the Aromas of Tea we produce teas and infusions in the traditional way, bearing in mind the natural properties of each one of the herbs that treat them.

The process is divided into three phases:

- Aromatization and mix with natural ingredients of the herbal tea, which have been previously selected with the utmost loving care with the clear aim of the raw material to be of the highest quality.

- Packaging: in a room heated to do this and with the supportive material so that the tea does not lose any of its properties. We never sell the tea in bulk, so that the same can keep all of the quality that is expected of the same.

- Product sales: through our online shop, in the markets that we visited, or at stores that have decided to sell our product in your store.

Aromas of Tea, you'll find traditional flavors, such as red tea or green tea, as well as a broad showcase of teas and flavors you'll only find in our store. White tea, Chai Tea, White Tea, and Tea Blue part of our range of products, that aromatizamos with multiple natural products, obtaining different flavours and unique.

In addition, we also have infusions of different flavors, among them, the traditional chamomile tea or maté, as well as the Rooibos tea, that not having caffeine can be consumed at any time of the day and by all members of the family.